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Our Charity Efforts

Primm Family Charities “BikingForAutism & BMX4AUTISM” will be attending events and shows to help raise awareness and funds for local children’s causes and/or charities. We do not charge any fees for our services nor do we take a percentage of any proceeds generated in the name of the local cause and/or charity we are representing. Our efforts are solely funded by our sponsors, the charitable donations of our supporters and the selling our own charity items at our display booth and online.

Our Story:

We started our mission after our son DJ was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Autism). Unlike other Autistic children we knew of, DJ was always outgoing, friendly and receptive of others so we never even considered he could be autistic. At first we just thought that since his mother  had been diagnosed as having ADHD as a child it was passed along to him. It wasn’t until we started to notice certain quirks, like some OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), hand/arm waving, lack of  ability to recognize social cues, and certain other signs that we began to realize it was more than just ADHD. But we still did not consider Autism because what we had always seen of Autistic children was not what we were seeing in our son. Not until we started doing some research did we realize that there is a whole Autistic Spectrum Disorder category and not just one specific sign or trait or group of traits that is common to all that suffer from Autism. His mother has since been diagnosed and classified as Autistic as well as more understanding the diagnosis has changed over the years.

About Our Son:

Our son DJ is considered a high functioning Autistic child, but many others face challenges and obstacles we will never know, so our efforts are dedicated to all of them. We are extremely passionate about what we intend on doing with Primm Family Charities (BikingForAutism & BMX4AUTISM) and have invested everything we have both financially and emotionally getting it to this point and now we are depending on sponsorships and the charitable contributions of others to ensure its future success.


We hope you decide to become a donating supporter but even if you chose not to support our efforts please be aware that those on the spectrum need your support and understanding, so consider supporting one of the other charitable efforts out there.

Every dollar over and above our nominal operating expenditures goes into the charity fund allowing us to give away bicycles and scooters.

Sincerely, Dante & Namolisa Primm
Founders: Primm Family Charities
BikingForAutism LLC
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